About me

I started my career as a satellite system cracker, sim card and console hacker. Then as a software developer i had the opportunity to experiment with different technologies: frontend web programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, Javascript, JQuery and others, PHP, Java backend web programming languages and other languages such as Python, Golang, C and C++. Subsequently, I decided to dedicate my career to information security, focusing on penetration testing and security research: my daily job is to make infrastructures and applications more secure by identifying vulnerabilities and defects and working as closely as possible with the development team to solve them I perform security assessments on different types of targets, ranging from web applications and mobile applications to IoT infrastructures and devices. In my spare time i help with the movian project and do security research as well as playing CTFs.


I am an expert in web application / mobile application penetration testing and web / mobile security research. I am fluent in Python, PHP, C and Javascript. I love Android and Linux based operating systems especially the Debian distribution and I strive to know their security. I love to disassemble and reassemble devices to know how they work and I fix hardware such as cell phones, televisions, PCs, washing machines etc etc for friends and relatives. I have a great passion for MotoGP.

As part of my freelance security research I have resolved some CVEs and intering bugs in bug bounty programs.

Helping Police

I helped the carabinieri of the R.O.S. (Special Operational Grouping) in the activity of bypass / PIN unlocking of Apple phones with IOS system and recommended the method of tracking cell phones in a certain area for a double homicide case. All the activities were carried out with positive results.

Other PIN unlocking activities for the local police in my city.